• My+Favorite+Citizen

    My Favorite Citizen: Reunion Show at Maxwell’s

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I couldn’t be happier with all of these band reunions that have been going on the past few years.  Our generation, for the most part, just missed out on one of the best times in the Indie/Emo/Hardcore scene, …

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  • Seas Of Wake

    Seas of Wake’s Virology: Population Control

    NJ metal band Seas of Wake’s newest album, Virology, tells a deadly story with an infectious, progressive sound.

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  • LocavoreNJ

    Keeping It Local: A Sustainable Way to Eat in NJ

    North Jersey Locavores is an organization that has given New Jerseyans a way to share the experience of improving the quality of their diet as well as the quality of their health while supporting local farmers.

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  • 61 Penn - Crucial Dudes

    Crucial Dudes

    Oh Last.fm, how I love you.  If you’re not already aware of the website I’m referring to, Last.fm is one of the many social networking websites on the internet, centering solely on music.  In a nutshell, it’s the Facebook for die-hard music fans.  The music …

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  • Kings of Pop Punk - The Fresh Clothing

    The Fresh Clothing Mixtape: Kings of Pop Punk

    The Fresh Clothing has released a new mixtape, and Lamplighter is overjoyed to be its host! Rather than carry on about one of NJ’s finest music scene citizens, Jason Soroka, and his company’s newest release, we’ll give him the stage:

    “Pop punk was a big part of my music upbringing in New Jersey. I spent my teenage youth working at Bloomfield Ave Cafe, a punk venue in Montclair, NJ that doesn’t exist anymore. I was lucky enough to experience the death of “Midtown pop punk,” the “slow period,” and the birth of todays Run For Cover/No Sleep/etc pop-punk.

    While there are some obvious kings, in my opinion, like Blink 182, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy, this mixtape focuses on the underground. I started this off with a really old Saves The Day song. Why? Because Saves the Day has influenced countless bands and represents the pop punk culture that spawned from New Brunswick basements, tiny punk rock venues, and VFW halls into an undeniable world wide appreciation.

    Every band on this mixtape is doing something really amazing right now. I urge you to listen and support them, however you decide.”
    – Jason Soroka

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