• Monterey

    Monterey: The King’s Head

    New Brunswick’s Monterey has captured the basement music sound that came to define its hometown with their latest EP, The King’s Head. Despite the simple lyrics, the album’s raw honesty makes for a captivating listen, while the band’s not-so-clean-cut sound gives the record grassroots charm. …

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  • Littledipper2

    Little Dipper: The Last Broadcast

    The Little Dipper may be next in size to its constellatory counterpart, but don’t let this band’s name fool you. Little Dipper’s sound is anything but ethereal, and they are not hiding behind a larger group of stars.

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  • Dan Boyle

    Falling Through the Center of the Earth

    Dan Boyle from Falling Through the Center of the Earth has a lot of new experiences to offer with his reiteration of the now defunct band Sirens. He and his band members continue to navigate New Jersey’s music scene with fresh-pressed songs,using their firmly planted roots as a springboard toward bigger sounds and bigger goals.

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  • Voltaicore

    Voltaicore: Lover’s Digest 1993 EP

    One word you can’t use to describe Voltaicore’s Lover’s Digest 1993 EP: conventional.

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  • April Darcy

    To Dredge Up Her Sparkling Wanderlust

    When she is not traveling the world, or dreaming of traveling, April Darcy is somewhere between Manhattan and her home in Jersey City. Currently a non-fiction MFA candidate at the Bennington Writing Seminars, April’s stories traverse the juxtaposition of her life at home, her life of world-wandering, and a deep interior life which she shares unabashedly. She splashes the environment of her writings with such subdued magic that, without a keen attention, one might not recognize that the veil she lifts off the world reveals not a mystical space, but one of striking, undeniable realism, all to further dredge up her sparkling wanderlust.

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