A Message From Dhruvin Dave

Dhruvin Dave - Marketing Director

Dhruvin Dave - Marketing DirectorMy name is Dhruvin Dave and I’m the Marketing Director for Lamplighter. Even though I graduated with B.Sc in Finance and BA in Economics, my true passion has always been for the arts. As a young kid, I grew up under the artistic influence of my grandparents, who spent their free time devoted to painting, writing, directing (small dramas/plays), and practicing classical Indian music. I still remember filling out notebook after notebook with notes for melodies, songs and poems, sketches, doodles…all of it while doing (or not really doing) homework for school.

Business school and work took over most of my life during my 2nd year at William Paterson University, and I slowly started to lose my love and passion for artistic expression. But, fatefully, meeting Patrick and Nadia in my last semester in college turned that around. With the potential of being exposed to and learning about new genres of music and exploring new arts and culture(s), my burning passion for the arts has definitely been reignited. Despite of working full-time in the finance industry, I decided to join Patrick, Nadia, and Megan to bring an idea, Lamplighter, to life.

Lamplighter exposed me to a great community of alternative music and culture that I was unaware of until now. Though it has been difficult to appreciate certain genres more than others (I never listened to hardcore before my involvement with Lamplighter), it has encouraged me to expand my personal interests. Working with great friends while getting to meet new, amazing people has been a truly wonderful experience. Learning so much about the scene, it only feels right to give back to the community by helping to spread it to people like myself, those who might not even be aware of the amazing talents that are homegrown!

Though we’ve met our campaign goal, we can still collect donations until March 19th, so I encourage anyone who is interested to take the time to pick up a copy of the magazine through IndieGoGo while you still can. Any donations beyond this point will only improve the quality of the magazine, and a better first issue can only set us in motion for a better future.

And thanks to everyone who has supported us so far!