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Megan Dermody

Megan DermodyI have terrible stage fright. As soon as I know someone’s watching me, my heart starts racing. I stumble over my words. I get all sweaty. There’s a weird buzzing in my head. Clearly, I’m a behind-the-scenes kind of girl. It’s what makes me a good editor, but you can imagine that it makes writing a very public note a little nerve-wracking.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone because I believe in what we do here at Lamplighter. In the few months that we’ve existed as a magazine, I have met more passionate and talented people than I’ve come across in most of my life. I could attempt to deconstruct what I love so much about New Jersey and our scene–the musicians, artists, venues, shows and exhibits and readings–but I won’t be doing any favors for the alternative community by talking about the bits and pieces. What really has me so excited about being a part of this is the overall atmosphere that surrounds these people and these places. There is a certain energy, an undercurrent that connects all of the people who make up the scene, solely for a love of sharing music and art.

To take part in New Jersey culture is to enter a recursive relationship that constantly feeds off of itself, because our community is a place in which these needs are recognized and embraced. We understand each other here. Even with such divergent and obstinate (let’s face it, some stereotypes are true) perspectives in the mix, we choose to focus on what we share instead of what separates us. And there are so many things that make up our collective identity ┬áthat couldn’t be experienced anywhere else.

So yes, I can rattle off a list of names, places, and events that make us amazing, but if that’s all I can, do I’ve missed the whole point entirely. And the fact that you’re reading this tells me you understand that point. You’re a part of this, too. Maybe you’re one of the incredible contributors who’ve helped to make our first print issue a reality. Maybe you’re one of the people who helps to create that energy I’m talking about. Or maybe you just live here and you like what our magazine is doing. Whoever you are, thank you for your role in this – for making this magazine a new and essential part of the community.

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MeganMegan Dermody is Lamplighter's Managing Editor. She compulsively corrects grammar and likes it (a little bit too much) and occasionally writes articles. You can give her a shout if you need editing advice or think you have a cool band you can recommend. Just make sure she's had coffee first.View all posts by Megan →

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    WOOOO! Right on!