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Nadia Nieves - Promotions Director

Nadia Nieves - Promotions DirectorI’m Nadia Nieves, the Promotions Director for Lamplighter, and I sing in a band. It’s the sixth band I’ve been in since I was thirteen years old. Countless folders and notebooks are filled with songs I’ve written and most of these songs from my high school years, about boys and being angry at someone. Whenever I get around to really cleaning my room, I find these pages of silly, adolescent rants and laugh to myself. I reminisce about friends I used to have, and ideals I had stolen from others. There are a few accompanying drawings that are particularly hilarious; stick figures acting out dramatic lyrics. As funny as these pieces of paper are, I would never show them to anyone. These cliche-ridden songs are excerpts from my adolescence that I dare not throw away because it would be like throwing out an arm or a leg. I cannot throw out a piece of myself.

Now, after graduating from William Paterson University and working with kids with Autism, the songs I write reflect a more perceptive and optimistic person. Looking back, I realize that change is necessary. I had to start with the cliche lyrics and melodies in order to get to where I am now. This is my art. It may not be known by many or provide any income, but it’s what I do; I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t do it.

Ever since Patrick, Megan, Dhruvin and I started Lamplighter, I’ve been inspired to write songs that really matter. I’m more excited about going to shows and galleries. My level of enthusiasm for New Jersey’s culture has strengthed not only because I get to work with my friends, but I also get to meet amazing, talented people who live next door to me. I want to encourage the artists, musicians, and poets in New Jersey to know that we support what they are doing. Lamplighter, to me has been and will continue to be a way to bring awareness to the culture that NJ has to offer. We don’t have to look far to find inspiration through a string of words, the vibrations of strings, or brush strokes on a canvas. We have all of those things here, right now.

It’s these things, when brought to the light, that people realize they share similar stories. By supporting and contributing to Lamplighter Magazine’s IndieGoGo campaign, we can ensure these stories are told.

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Nadia Nieves

Nadia NievesNadia Nieves is a founder and the Promotions Director for Lamplighter. She graduated with a BA in Psychology and is currently finishing her MA is Cognitive Neuroscience at The New School. She enjoys going to local shows and twerking in her car.View all posts by Nadia Nieves →