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DJ Alex Plus

DJ Alex PlusFor any DJs, producers, and EDM savvy folk, Beatport is the mecca for dance music downloads. NJ’s 44 Caliber Recordings, having just launched themselves this past December, are ecstatic to announce the release of DJ Alex Plus’s newest track, Smot, available on Beatport February 1st. Along with this release is a special video from stop motion dance squad Kaloopy Media. Though classified simply as house music, which can leave portions of the “judge-a-track-by-its-genre” crowd uninterested, Smot carries two exceptionally bouncy hooks that alternate in seamless transitions over a balanced four on the floor kick, creating a simple and sexy song.

The video from Kaloopy Media, a sync’d stop motion video of “Blondes Britt and Mary” is age-restricted content, which may not be suitable for some viewers, and is most likely NSFW, though it contains no nudity or foul-language. Watch the video at your discretion, or jump down to the 44 Caliber Recordings preview of Smot below.



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