An Interview with Eric Dryburgh, Drummer of Boy Things


EquationsBoy Things’ brand new 7” EP is called Equations. In that spirit, let’s start by talking numbers. How many tracks are there on Equations? How many copies did you have printed? How much are you selling them for?

It is 3 tracks long and we have 300 copies of it. We are currently selling them for $6 a piece.

You guys have already put out two EPs: a self titled EP and Growing Up. Should fans of those releases expect more of the sound they’ve grown to love, or does Equations push Boy Things in any new directions?

Equations is pushing us in a new direction. We are still new, so we are testing different song ideas. Fortunately enough all of us have very diverse musical backgrounds, so we are pretty open to all kinds of sounds for our songs.

Do you have a favorite track on Equations, and does it differ from what you predict will be the fan-favorite?

My favorite track on Equations is the single. I think it’s got a great melody and good dynamics. I think the uniform guitar part throughout the whole song opens up lots of space for the drums, bass, and synth to add personality to the song. All of these things mixed with the melody, it’s a track I am very proud of.

What influenced your decision to print Equations on vinyl, as opposed to the typical CD format?

The reason we pressed Equations on vinyl is because it’s an EP, and, well, we have all wanted to make our own 7″. I’m really proud of the songs and the work that went into it.

Having released a third EP before even reaching the anniversary of your first, would we be foolish not to expect that another album is already in the works?

We have just started writing again for the first time in months. It’s been difficult keeping up with everything. Vince was studying abroad all year in France. Beth and Blake have been working low paying jobs. Adam and I have been working on our bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It’s been months since all of us have been in the same room.

Releasing multiple EPs as opposed to one LP has worked well for you guys, allowing you to stay relevant throughout the course of the year, but are there any plans to take the time to write a full-length in the future?

Equations is our final EP before our full length. The EPs are great and we are happy with the response. However, we are very excited to work on a full length. For now, we are taking the summer to start writing, do some touring, and play some board games.

With those three releases now under your belt, and all the shows you’ve played, Boy Things has had a pretty successful year. What’s the biggest thing you have learned as a band so far?

The largest lesson we have learned as a band is that it is difficult to separate personal interests and band business. This battle is active in any band and sometimes it even ends them! We laugh and hang out, yet sometimes we scream and fight and drive each other nuts. No one knows the magic answer to figuring out eternal happiness. However, one thing is very certain for us: when Beth says, “Hi, we are Boy Things,” and the music starts, we are all happy.

Finally, tell our readers about the album release show you have planned and why they should go.

Come on out to our record release show on Saturday, June 16th at Bar 46 in Hackettstown, NJ because it’s going to be a blast! We have picked some really great bands, including Those Mockingbirds, Vows, and our friends from Brooklyn, Daddy. In addition, we are playing all our songs, and we will be selling t-shirts and the 7″.

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