Arrows in Her: leaving.

Arrows In Her | leaving.

Arrows In Her | leaving.Fortunately for the northern New Jersey four-piece Arrows In Her, with their debut EP leaving., they have excavated an impressively fresh take on the punk genre from the mass graves of failed pop-punk and post-hardcore projects before them. Unfortunately, their melancholy interpretation of the typically upbeat genre only has enough steam to power the listener through three or four of the six songs on the album before the formula begins to rust over.

This is not to strip the record of its merits. All of the genre familiars are present and effective: brisk songs, dirty instruments, and lyrics about friends and “finding home.” There is also something to be said about the few, potent opportunities that drummer Harold Perez finds to stray from the typical yet necessary kick-snare-kick-snare and kick-kick-snare-kick patterns of the punk genre. But the album’s most fruitful aspect is the morose quality of vocalist Damian Chacon’s voice and lyrics. Not too angry, not too sad. Just soft and present enough to let the album play until it lulls you into the state of calm that precedes a good night’s sleep, without actually putting you to sleep. The biggest snag on the album is that after a while, the songs begin to blend together, and listeners may have trouble targeting individual songs to sink their teeth into. Still, as far as debut EPs go, you could do a lot worse than leaving.

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