• Sara Album Cover

    The Band with the Magic Touch

    Everyone knows that the New Jersey music scene is filled with awesome musicians from Hoboken to Asbury Park, and every city and town in between. However, there seems to be a concentration of bands and artists rocking around the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick. Rutgers students are always looking for a good ear massage and Sara is one of the many artists that has the magic touch and some really good lavender-scented body oils to get the job done.

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  • Meet/Pause

    The New Kids Make Varsity with Cluster Cascade EP

    Meet/Pause is a band that has just celebrated its first birthday as a band since its inception in the Summer of 2010. In hypothetical grade-school terms, they are still the new kids on the playground getting beat up for lunch money. However, these new kids have already scored some pretty high marks. With a mass of critical and fan praise, making feet move at Brick City Sound Riot last September, induction into the Tiny Giant Artist Collective (the scene’s answer to the high school football team), and an excellent EP release with their “Cluster Cascade” EP, these guys are proving that rookies know how to shred just as well as varsity.

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