• DSC03537

    The Garden Statement

    Madison Ouellette is a senior at The College of New Jersey, working part-time at the WTSR 93.1 radio station. Her show, The Garden Statement, plays an eclectic mix of post-hardcore, indie, and emo bands. I talked to Madison about her life working with bands and breaking through the scene with up-and-coming new acts.

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  • Newpoliticians

    New Politicians: Remission

    If a finished album is a musical statement, then New Politicians have announced their platform with their new EP, Remission. Lead vocalist Renal Anthony delivers brooding, late-eighties vocals on top of tightly orchestrated instruments to create a notably sincere sound, instantly reminiscent of popular indie-rock …

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  • DSC8084

    Pinegrove: Rooted in the Underground, Moving Earnestly Forward

    There is a certain threshold a band must cross when releasing catchy music. When music has emotion, consciousness, and the ability to transcend beyond the basement shows and VFW halls, the artists are inevitably faced with a choice: stay true to the integrity of the underground scene or become enveloped by the limelight.

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