Boy Things: Equations

Boy Things - Equations | Album Cover

Boy Things, a five-piece band from northwest New Jersey, is leading the charge of fun music and catchy lyrics with a blend of rock, punk, and electronica. Their new EP, Equations, is the kind of album that sounds best with the volume turned all the way up and blasted in your car as you speed down the Garden State Parkway. The title track, “Equations,” is different from anything else that’s on the radio right now, but it wouldn’t be out of place on a dance floor. Boy Things’ rhythm section is superb — the driving bass lines keep the songs surging forward while the drummer keeps you on your toes. “There’s no hope/ in Jersey/ I’m a loser/ so kill me!” their lead singer screams out in “Sit, Stay, Roll Over.” Sometimes, Boy Things seems furiously lost in their music, yet just when you think the train is going to fly off the rails, they bring it all back together for a bright finish. The EP is short at just three songs, but it’s undeniably cool and catchy. “Hold steady,” the lead singer advises, and I advise the same, because this band is making noise in the scene that won’t be unheard for long.