Boy Things Releases New Music for the New Year

Boy Things - The Meatlocker, December 30th

Boy Things - Growing Up EPThough it has been fantastic to see all of the “Year in Review” posts by our friends in the NJ blogosphere (specifically United By Rocket Science, Rocker Tycoon, and Jersey Beat), Lamplighter is overjoyed to take a look at the beginning of 2012’s local music, kicking off the new year with Boy Things.

After closing out 2011 at The Meatlocker in Montclair with Suspect, Sex on Tape, Something Cool and fellow Tiny Giant‘s Meet Pause on the 30th, New Year’s Day marked the release of Boy Things’ newest EP, “Growing Up.” Clocking in at a charming three tracks, the collection is more an addition to their previous EP’s than a whole new set of songs. In fact, the two EPs could combine to be just about one whole LP, solving the only disappointment in our first review.

With a title like “Growing Up,” you’d think that there would be an associated paradigm shift in the band’s tone–not so. The new release really is more of the same. Just jumping between EPs on their Bandcamp page, it’s hard to keep track of which songs belong to which album. This, however, should not be taken negatively; it is nice to see that a very new band in the scene is comfortable with its sound. For plenty of new bands, developing a unique (or unreasonably similar) style is only one obstacle on the road to being…well, a decent band. The sheer fact that Boy Things has seemingly conquered this is certainly a milestone, pointing them down a path of honing and advancement; it only gets better from here.

Produced at Cannon Found Soundation Recording Studios with Mike Oettinger, the tracks are full to the brim with what you’d expect: Beth Hansen on lead vocals with her brother Blake on keys, occasionally singing in tandem; Eric Dryburgh on drums (the faces he makes while playing live are worth the $7 cover to most shows); and Adam Cumiskey and Vince Rickey on jamming guitar and bass respectively; sine-y synth and gang vocals aplenty. Having the lyrics posted with the songs is great, but one of the most magnetic aspects of Boy Things are those quick lines that simply can’t be discerned. For example, the first two lines of “Human Nature” are a mash of syllables rolling out of Beth’s mouth for which it would make no difference if they could be understood as English words. Her deftness for punk mumbo-jumbo is a shining characteristic of this EP. Boy Things - The Meatlocker, December 30thThere is a significant F-bomb dropped in “The Fool” which is only disappointing because, as a very tight song, the one word completely bars it from radio play. If a clean version pops up in the future, it could easily slide onto the airwaves of WP 88.7 FM or WSPC’s Indie Rebellion.

If anything bolsters motivation for this band’s future, it is that their energy hasn’t waned even slightly. Seeing them live at the Meatlocker, struggling to keep warm in a Montclair basement, the band was as lively and powerful as their first show. Beth still dances through the interludes and riffs. Eric still walks away after the set sweating. There is marked consistency with Boy Things, and perhaps it stands as evidence that, even though they’re a young band in the scene, they are definitely growing up.

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Boy Things - The Meatlocker, December 30th

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