• Boonton

    Old Town, New Attitude: Boonton Satisfies Art Lovers

    Usually, when I get the familiar itch to satisfy my artistic cravings on any given day, my habit has been to turn toward New York City to find galleries and new artists to check out. I might get lucky somewhere in Morristown or Montclair, but in general, North Jersey hasn’t had a history or offering much in the way of fine art (while we haven’t been devoid of places like this, it does takes some digging). Recently, however, I’ve noticed a bit of a resurgence in the arts and culture scene in Morris County.

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  • Parrot - Norman Rosen

    Right-Brained Lawyer Brings Art to Starbucks

    Most people visit Starbucks to order their customized form of caffeine, then proceed to engage in conversation, complete a novel or homework assignment, and simply relax. Norman Rosen has given the Englewood Starbucks on East Palisade Ave yet another form of attraction for the whole month of October. The Englewood Starbucks features a fifteen piece art collection by Rosen, called Right Brained Art by a Left Brained Lawyer that will last until October 31st, 2011.

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  • John Trigonis

    Jersey City Filmmaker Tickled Cerise

    John Trigonis, a poet, writer, professor and filmmaker from Jersey City answers questions about his latest movie Cerise, and his upcoming project Mating Dome.

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  • Matt Hand - Right Hand Photography

    Through the Eye of a Hand

    Matt Hand is the eye behind Right Hand Photography, a hobbyist business that he approaches with an organic, earth-friendly mindset. Do not be fooled into thinking he’s only photographing his adorable children! Matt is very aware of his art and takes composition into consideration. His images exude an intense representation of life through strongly contrasting textures, vivid color, and a lot of shadow-play. Whether it’s his wife Jessica holding their infant son or a thick length of vine creeping across the floor of an abandoned greenhouse, his photographs are beautifully uncanny.

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  • UI - Collab-Gallery U

    Collaborative Art Hidden Behind Bloomfield Ave

    Montclair’s Gallery U, tucked away behind Bloomfield Ave is home to a collaborative and therapeutic art space.

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