Cicada Radio: No Fate But What We Make

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Cicada Radio - No Fate But What We MakeAs the music of the ’90s fades further from familiarity and slides slowly into nostalgia, it has also become a big source of inspiration for many current artists. Cicada Radio is no exception, and their latest release, No Fate But What We Make, will help to ease the pain for those who just haven’t felt right since they stopped selling cassettes at the Eckerd down the street. The Kearny-based band has crafted their own well-blended infusion of self-cited influences, such as The Police, At The Drive In, and Desaparecidos. Yet their music is most notably similar to that of Polaris, which you may recognize as the jangle-pop band featured in The Adventures of Pete & Pete. This quirky sound is especially prevalent in the album’s first track, “Insecticide,” which greets the listener like a strong, audible handshake. Apart from their nostalgic songwriting, Cicada Radio’s biggest strength may be their ability to maintain that same zany sound throughout the album while also introducing a distinct level of maturity on each track. So if all the music released since the start of the new millennium just hasn’t been cutting it for you, there may still be hope. Pull that old jean jacket out of the closet and press play on Cicadia Radio’s No Fate But What We Make. Just don’t try to find it at Eckerd. They went out of business a long time ago, and you really need to move on, man.


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