Booster Pack: New Noise

Ninety-Six: Dogs of the Day

Ninety-Six: Dogs of the Day
There seems to typically be a dry spell of music in the fall, with bands putting out their new tracks before the summer to hype themselves for tour. However, a lot of free local music is circulating online right now, with more being released every week. If you weren’t looking for these things, you’d never know. Good thing you read Lamplighter! Take time to explore these bands and avoid that play-counter in iTunes from rolling over like your rusty van’s odometer.


Pure NJ Hardcore Punk. Other than the fact that both EPs they’ve posted on Bandcamp are free to download, the music speaks for itself. Download Dogs of the Day and The Blizzard EP.

Washington Square Park

Loved by all, hated by The Man, WSP is giving away their EP Simple With No Explanation. Pick up a digital copy of Horse Feast too, while you’re at it.

Those Mockingbirds

The band’s most recent studio venture produced Fa So La. The download comes with lyrics to facilitate any impromptu sing-alongs.

My Aim Is True

A project of Mike Wuchter’s (To Kill The King) released their album Trying to Trap the Son of a Fisherman via MediaFire. Be aware, these tracks are M4a!

Tiny Giant Artist Collective Vol. I+II

The local record label dropped this 14-track mixtape in August. It’s like a Warped Tour sampler without the $100 ticket price.

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