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Please direct all e-mails to the appropriate person! All of us at Lamplighter collaborate on this as a project of passion outside of our careers. It will save everyone time if you do it correctly from the get-go. Wrongfully addressed e-mails will begrudgingly be forwarded. Repeat offenders will be ruefully ignored. Musicians sending press kits, please only e-mail our Music Editor.

If you’re interested in collaborating with us on hosting an event or need information regarding our upcoming activities, contact our Promotions Director.

If we have photographs of you and you’d like a larger copy for your blog or website, contact our Photography Director. We that you let us know where and how you’ll be using our photographs, and that you clearly credit Lamplighter as well as the source photographer.


Editor-in-Chief | Patrick Boyle

Managing Editor | Megan Dermody

Promotions Director | Nadia Nieves


Music Editor | Mike King

Art Editor | N/A

Literature Editor | Patrick Boyle

Photography Director | Catalina Fragoso

Charts Director | N/A