Corrina, Corrina: American Short Stories

corrinacorrinaRed Bank may be giving Asbury Park a run for its money with the arrival of Corrina, Corrina and their latest album, American Short Stories. This record is just what the name suggests — a collection of stories about living an average American life, with an occasional surprise tossed in.

The album opens with “Sea Song,” a fast-paced, danceable tune featuring quick guitar riffs. The listener is immediately drawn in to a punk setting by the image of “chicken scratch quotes on a bathroom wall.” Vocalist Brian McKenna goes on to sing, “Lost your soul in the digital age / … Sing your songs for minimum wage,” talking about the struggles small-scale bands face. “Fear of Missing Out” is another strong track, addressing the relatable concept of losing your identity while trying to fit in. The album closes with the slow, acoustic title track, “American Short Stories,” an interesting choice considering the fast tempo of the album as a whole.

American Short Stories, as advertised, is like reading a book. It sets the scene, takes the listener along for the journey, and ends with a quiet resolution. In this way, Corrina, Corrina have effectively painted a vivid picture of wild young living.


This review first appeared in Issue Four

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