DejaGravy: Visitor

dejagravyDejaGravy’s latest release, Visitor, is a surprisingly cohesive album, despite being the musical embodiment of inner turmoil. The band’s experimental noise rock sound oozes doom and gloom in an ironically delightful manner.

The album opens with “Carbuncle,” one of the more mind-bending songs on the album. Piano mixed with recordings of screams segue seamlessly into the first taste of ambient noise peppered with grunge elements. Feedback finds its way into the track along with a simple bass groove which grounds the listener in the midst of the chaotic sounds. Believe it or not, this is common fare for DejaGravy.

As if the album couldn’t get much stranger, Ben Scardo and Ricky Hall, the masterminds behind Visitor, have deliberately placed “channel” tracks, such as “Channel 32” or “Channel 3,” in between the first nine songs on the album. These interludes boast the most obscure noises on the album by mixing sound bites from television with random foley clips.

If you’re looking for an album to blast with your windows down during the summer, this is not for you. Visitor requires dedicated listening, but those up for the challenge will not be disappointed. DejaGravy’s full-length album reveals the band’s ability to turn disjointed noise rock into a unified story.


This review first appeared in Issue 05

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