DJ Collective Keeping New Jersey Filthy

Filth Requisite

Filth RequisiteDubstep and drum’n’bass fans, we introduce to you Filth Requisite. What, you ask, is Filth Requisite? A company created to bring the NJ Underground community the music – and parties – they’ve been asking for. But the real question: who is Filth Requisite? Filth Requisite is Jaymon, No Request, Jumpshot, Hardline, Dekim, Ciphe, and Kilometriko. Together, they produce, remix, and deliver some of the most original and unique dubstep in New Jersey. Filth Requisite (Filth Req for short) has been involved in warehouse parties, raves, and dubstep nights at local spots for over the past ten years, whether individually or collectively.

The uniqueness of Filth Requisite comes from their experience in the rave, drum’n’bass, and dubstep scenes. They know how to keep the music true to its roots. In a time when even dubstep has been commercialized – quite literally if you’ve heard Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on a recent Best Buy commercial – Filth Requisite keeps it, well, filthy. Keeping true to their reggae roots and throwing in a few goodies from some of the top names in true dubstep are some of the things Filth Req does best.

The greatest part about Filth Requisite (besides their music) is their ability to get their music out to willing ears literally any time of the day. You could be listening to them right now as you’re reading this article! Yes, really. Just go to and you’ll find their Livestream at the bottom of the page. Go to the official Livestream page by clicking on the video for even more access, including a chat window to show some love. The guys will not hesitate to respond when they’re live, either, which is every Wednesday at 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Just think of all the possibilities — throwing your own party with the Filth Req Livestream on high volume playing through the right sound system connected to your computer.

Filth Requisite has spent the past six months or so throwing a monthly dubstep event at Di Giorgio’s Bar in Bayonne. For upcoming events, check their website or join the NJ Underground group on Facebook moderated by the Filth Req dudes themselves. Happy dubstepping, New Jersey!

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