Don’t Upset the Bear: Take Your Vitamins

Don't Upset the Bear - Take Your Vitamins | Album Cover

Don’t Upset the Bear‘s breakthrough record will make a perfect soundtrack for long, sunshine-filled days of partying or lazing at the beach. You’ll find anything from upbeat garage-punk tunes to dance and sing along with, to surf ballads that take you on a melodic wave, to solid country-folk numbers to accompany your long road trips on Take Your Vitamins. Don’t Upset The Bear is a quartet reminiscent of the post-grunge music of the early 1990s, with a dash of European punk influence thrown in the mix. You will also hear sounds that echo from the 1960s, with influences from bands like The Beatles, along with some surf-rock from the states. The album of 13 perfectly ordered tracks starts energetically with “With Me, What Luck, Where to,” a classically crafted garage rock number, followed by Misirlou-esque “Heads or Tails.” “Gypsy Ballad” comes wandering in followed by a more country feel with “Cowboys and Indians.” Like scenes within a movie, each song has its own setting, color, and character. The album ends with a hit that is more representative of today’s trending scene, “Girls With Bangs (Shot Between the Eyes).” All the songs span a wide spectrum of influences, but manage to exist in a perfect balance of sound.