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Easy CompanySome bands know how to draw inspiration from others before them as a foundation, how to build music around these influences with their own original sound. While much of the new EP from the Glen Rock/Pequanock-based Easy Company falls distinctly short of this, listeners can still discern that this is at least what the band has aspired to do with its release.

Most of the self-titled EP consists of mainstream mediocrity, as the album treads sluggishly along lines previously set by other alternative rockers. Opening with the mid-tempo “Mercury,” the EP feels like a collection of demos from the Foo Fighters, only occasionally rising to the standards set by Dave Grohl and company. Singer Adam Schlett’s disharmonious vocals feel out of place most of the time, adding aggression to the wrong parts of the songs. On “Push & Pull” he sings “There’s no feeling / when you need it” – an apt description, though that may just be due to a lack of confidence on Schlett’s part.

Even if the lead singing is not always up to par, the lead guitar, played by Bobby Weir, gives focus to the songs, expanding upon alternative-style riffs. In “Takers,” Weir gets to brandish his skills with a melodic solo, tastefully making this the best of the three songs. Easy Company’s strengths rest with the harmonies accompanying the vocals, often giving Schlett a much-needed boost, and the guitar work underneath. It’s still early for the band, and they may be able to use their abilities to overcome the inspirations they follow. But for now, the EP is just fuel for the furnace.