Goodbye Tiger: Who Do You Call Home?

Goodbye TigerThe heart may often leave the brain at a loss for words, but it also fuels our passion and our drive to succeed. The guys in Goodbye Tiger understand having heart. Creating music on a budget is no easy feat, but after working hard in a makeshift recording space set in a dance studio, they produced the must-listen EP Who Do You Call Home?

The central Jersey-based band, comprised of vocalist and guitarist Rob Talalai, bassist Morgan Balog, drummer Matt Skiba, and guitarist Mak Pensabene, reference Minus The Bear as one of their central influences, and the album resonates with that sound. Their experimental brand of groove rock may be full of catchy rhythms that emanate with perkiness, but the album is much heavier than it seems.

The record opens with “Empty Plots,” a song whose inviting guitar sequence immediately pulls the listener into a groove. Talalai’s vocals blend with the instrumentation in a way that is haunting, but also correlates with the lyrics. He sings, “At the bottom of the ocean / Hum your last prayer / You’ll never surface / You’ll never taste the air.” In I Like Where This is Going, a documentary about Goodbye Tiger by Mike Kerslake, Talalai says in an interview that joining the band exposed him to much heavier music than he was used to writing. In that way, he explains, some of these songs were like playing a character for him, much like the morbid lyrics featured in “Empty Plots.”

“Call Of The Void,” the closing track on the EP, culminates the skillful musicianship and heavy tone that Goodbye Tiger maintains throughout the album. “’Cause I’ve seen liars share the same covers / And by morning call themselves lovers,” Talalai sings, and these lines stand out as the track’s most powerful, capturing the flawed nature of human emotions.

Which brings me back to heart. Even in songs, like this one, that speak about our collective lack of heart as a society, Goodbye Tiger succeed in pulling genuine feelings out of our own hearts, challenging us to connect with others via a shared pain. This is what makes Who Do You Call Home? a must-listen EP, and this is what brands Goodbye Tiger as a band to look out for.

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