Lamplighter x Jersey Collective Submissions

Lamplighter x Jersey Collective

Lamplighter and Jersey Collective are seeking photos for the 5th print issue of Lamplighter Magazine. Submitted photos will be chosen by collaborating editors from each organization, Patrick Boyle and Kerri Sullivan respectively, to be printed in the upcoming issue due out September, to recognize and promote some of the great photograph in New Jersey.

There are no stylistic constraints! We’re seeking urban, landscape, portrait, nature, and architectural photography—and everything in between! We only ask that all photos submitted are taken in and around New Jersey. Photos of NYC will not be considered.

One (1) submitted photo will be chosen as the cover photo of the magazine and that photographer will be invited to guest edit next year’s photography submissions. Ten (10) other submitted photos will be chosen for print as full spreads in the magazine.

Deadline for all submissions is July 31st, 2015

Submission Guidelines


While we’d love to see everyone’s full portfolio, we’d never actually be able judge all those photos. All photographers are limited to three (3) photos per submission, one (1) submission per period. All submissions should meet the technical requirements listed below, and be submitted in a .zip file to

Be sure to include: your name, address, phone number, the location where each submitted photo was taken, the camera/lens used for each photo, any notes you’d like to include about the photo. Titles are not necessary.

NOTE: We have no limitation on what you use to take the photo. An iPhone photo will be judged equally alongside one taken by a Nikon D7200 so long as the photo meets our technical requirements.


The technical requirements are stringent only for the purpose of producing a high quality print production. As such, all photos must meet these requirements before they will be considered. Any photos which do not meet this requirement will be discarded.

Photos must be:
Cropped to a 2:3 ratio
Larger than 8.5” tall x 12.5” wide
At least 300 DPI
JPEG or RAW filetype (no PDF)
Free of watermarking / branding

Not sure what this means? Check out this primer on aspect ratio and this guide to DPI.

Your Submission & Rights

By submitting to Lamplighter and Jersey Collective, you agree that upon acceptance Lamplighter Magazine is granted First North American Serial Rights (you’ve never published the photograph in a magazine or book elsewhere). Rights return to you, the photographer, on publication.