Literature Submissions


Lamplighter is seeking short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry for its fifth magazine, set to be published in September. While we aren’t interested in imposing stylistic limits on authors, whatever your aesthetic may be, we want your writing to blow our hair back. Be brutal. Break our hearts. Set the page on fire and attest to its charred remains.

Maybe that’s a bit lofty…basically, we want your best work.

Our reading period will close on June 1st, 2015

By submitting to Lamplighter you agree that, upon acceptance, Lamplighter is granted First North American Serial Rights and the right to publish your work online up to six months after it is printed. Lamplighter accepts simultaneous submissions, but please let us know when your work has been accepted elsewhere. Lamplighter does not accept previously published work.

We’re sticklers about organization. Our e-mail inbox fills up pretty fast. We don’t want to lose your submission in the mess! Follow our simple format to avoid our ravenous spam filter and make our handling your work much more convenient. Not following these guidelines would be pretty lame on your part, so please do this carefully.

    • All submissions should be 12pt font, Times New Roman, single spaced
    • Include a cover letter with your: First and Last Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail.
    • DO NOT include your name anywhere outside of your cover letter.

Please send your submission as a single .DOC file in an e-mail to Make sure to title your e-mail as Genre Submission (so, if you’re a poet, “Poetry Submission” is perfect) so our mail filter can catch it. You can include a short bio in the body of your e-mail, but it’s not really necessary.

Please keep all prose submissions below 5,000 words, limited to 3 separate pieces. While we love our flash fiction, it can be overwhelming–we really cannot give fair consideration to more than three pieces per author. Because of the format of the magazine, we have a preference for shorter pieces. Please no partial manuscripts or chapters from your book.

Please only send 3 to 5 poems. Because of the magazine’s format, we cannot consider poems longer than two pages. And while we appreciate poems with highly inventive and stylized spacings and page designs, it really never translates well from your submission into the magazine. Simple and contemporary formatting works best. Please no center-set poems.

For participants in our 2015 Artist Writer Mashup this April, we will be accepting submissions of completed works until June 1st, the standard submission deadline. For both poetry and prose, please follow the standard guidelines for each genre as listed above. In the subject of your submission e-mail and in your cover letter, please indicate that your submission is in conjunction with the Artist Writer Mashup project. Participants from the project may also submit to our general call for submissions if they have not already done so, and will be considered separately from this project related submission.