Little Dipper: The Last Broadcast

littledipper2The Little Dipper may be next in size to its constellatory counterpart, but don’t let this band’s name fool you. Little Dipper’s sound is anything but ethereal, and they are not hiding behind a larger group of stars.

The Dunellen-based band’s second full-length album, The Last Broadcast, flaunts the rawness that comprises their core. The resulting sound is a combination of grunge and classic rock, with a sprinkle of Queens Of The Stone Age vocals added to the mix.

The 11-track album plays with ease, but the fourth track, “Can’t Shut Up,” stands out as the record’s most powerful jam, with a line that says, “my best intentions are always a step behind.” Yet even though this track boasts a Foo Fighters sound, it fails to reach that standard. The fifth track, “Change Starts Today,” is a song that embodies the album’s aggression, calling the listener to action with lyrics about “wiping the smile” off a smug face. Every song on The Last Broadcast uses raw vocals and powerful guitar playing to express ferocity. And while not all of the tracks are angry, whining rock ballads, there is enough of that attitude to ensure that Little Dipper’s sound comes across as less than polished.

In the end, some stars shine brighter than others. The Last Broadcast may not be rock perfection, but it still sports the defiant character of Little Dipper, fighting to stand out amongst the rest.


This review first appeared in Issue Four

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