Man On Fire: Strange Days Have Found Us

Man on Fire | Strange Days Have Found Us

Man on Fire | Strange Days Have Found UsMan On Fire’s six-song EP Strange Days Have Found Us is certainly a unique offering of livid “Indie-punk.” But few novel recipes are without their shortcomings, even among the more pleasing notes, and this record is no exception.

What Man On Fire does well, they do extremely well. The deep, warm instrumental tone throughout the album is easy on the ears while still capturing all the necessary aggression. Each composition sounds atypical, and there are plenty of fresh pauses, build-ups, and breakdowns scattered throughout the record. Yet it’s not hard to imagine listeners growing tired of the album’s intentional sloppiness, the vocalist’s distant, seething, and monotone screams, or the over-insertion of F-bombs for the sake of an edgy sound after six tracks.

Many listeners, but not all. It’s not always the easiest album to love, but it is undoubtedly a hard record to hate. There is definitely an audience for Strange Days Have Found Us, and those with the taste for this blend of slow-moving but belligerent punk will be rewarded when they pick up what Man On Fire have been brewing.

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