Live Hard, which focuses on just that. " />

Melissa & Paul: Live Hard

Melissa & Paul - Live Hard | Album Cover

Melissa & Paul are distinctly from a garage, but on their 10” Live Hard, they’ve done some Spring cleaning, and they are ready to park (in a garage?) their new, high-end pick-up truck. The beginning roars and speeds through the first two songs at full power, a blunt warning for what’s to come in the following tracks. “Ready to Die” is a short break into the meaning of the album– life. It reminds everyone that they’re listening to the humble cooing of someone trying to live. The downward tone of “Ready to Die” places “30 Days” into a slot pitted with despair and lined with remaining hope. The album picks up again with “Lazy Man” and follows in line as the focus falls into the desperate failure of living without trying. In the following rebuttal, “Try Hard (Everyday)” expresses that, despite the lows of contemplating the value of your life and the highs of watching the sun rise, “You try hard / everyday / You cry hard / everyday / You live hard / everyday.” Like the beginning of the 10”, their pick-up album goes out roaring with life.