The Garden Statement


Madison Ouellette is a senior at The College of New Jersey, working part-time at the WTSR 93.1 radio station. Her show, The Garden Statement, plays an eclectic mix of post-hardcore, indie, and emo bands. I talked to Madison about her life working with bands and breaking through the scene with up-and-coming new acts.

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  • DSC4620

    Carnivals and Panic Attacks

    Tory Daines is the former keyboardist, violinist, and vocalist for the Montclair alternative rock band, Those Mockingbirds. She left the group back in February of 2014 to focus on the musical project she’s formed, Fair Panic.

  • DSC8084

    Pinegrove: Rooted in the Underground, Moving Earnestly Forward

    There is a certain threshold a band must cross when releasing catchy music. When music has emotion, consciousness, and the ability to transcend beyond the basement shows and VFW halls, the artists are inevitably faced with a choice: stay true to the integrity of the underground scene or become enveloped by the limelight.

  • World Of Rock

    Underground Redefined

    Summit’s World of Rock Records is pressing on for the love of the game.

  • Scott Paul

    #Knew Me When

    Finding his sound has been both a journey and process. But the rapper Scott Paul hailing from William Paterson University continues on his trajectory toward his ultimate goals. with a newly refined sound and the confidence to keep moving up and forward.

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  • Dejagravy

    DejaGravy: Visitor

    DejaGravy’s latest release, Visitor, is a surprisingly cohesive album, despite being the musical embodiment of inner turmoil. The band’s experimental …

  • The Gray Company

    The Gray Company: Island Fortress, Island Home

    The Gray Company have an inviting and upbeat vibe, somewhere between the likes of Ava Luna and Pinegrove. Their debut EP, Island Fortress, Island Home, is the first proper release by the band, among bedroom demos and live recordings.

  • Duo

    Duo: Growing Pains

    Following 2013’s Empathy, Growing Pains is the second complete release from young hip-hop artist Dillon Carmichael under the stagename Duo.

  • 10 08 Discs Zak Smith Signs Of Life

    Zak Smith: Signs of Life

    Musician Zak Smith once again perpetuates these attributes in his latest full-length album, Signs of Life.

  • The OffWhite.Donttakekindly

    The Off White: Don’t Take Kindly

    From Long Beach Island, NJ is The Off White, a garage band that is still trying to get out of their own garage. Judging by the classic, raw, and original sound of their latest album, that day may be coming soon.

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