My Favorite Citizen: Reunion Show at Maxwell’s


I don’t know about everyone else, but I couldn’t be happier with all of these band reunions that have been going on the past few years.  Our generation, for the most part, just missed out on one of the best times in the Indie/Emo/Hardcore scene, back when everything was new, and bands like Coalesce, Far, Gatsby’s American Dream, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc. all set the foundation for what we have now.  Their presence truly set the tone for today’s music scene, and I certainly never could have guessed that they would all come back, whether just for a tour or two, or even a new album.  Now, My Favorite Citizen has made plans for a reunion show at Maxwell‘s on December 28th, and it’s one that no one is going to want to miss out on.

If you haven’t heard of these guys before, don’t feel bad, because I hadn’t heard of them either before this show’s announcement.  I did a little research out of sheer curiosity, and this is what I’ve discovered.  The band is from Clifton, NJ, formed in ’96, and only stayed together for about two years.  Not long by today’s standards, but they gathered a lot of recognition during their brief stint as a band, not the least of which is for their first show being in a McDonald’s and getting the crowd so riled up that the police had to be called.  There isn’t a whole lot of music to be found by them, since they only have an EP and a handful of songs featured on a 7inch compilation to their name.  This is surprising given the notoriety of the band on message boards, but after listening to them, it makes perfect sense.  My Favorite Citizen truly was a band way ahead of its time, and we should consider ourselves lucky to have the chance to see them live 13 years after their departure.  Their music is certainly still relevant today, as I’m sure anyone who has any appreciation for old school Indie/Emo music would agree.

This isn’t the only cause for excitement with this show, however.  The opening act is fellow NJ-based band Basement, who this past year signed with Topshelf Records and released a stellar new album entitled Mountain Smashers. Though their fan base is small, By Surprise is one of more infectious Indie/Math Rock bands to come out this year.  Mountain Smashers is an album riddled with quirky mannerisms, in both their instrumentation and lyrics.  I don’t often go for the more upbeat styles of music, but I can’t help but swoon every time I listen to them and always end up singing along. They put on quite a lively performance, and should be a phenomenal addition to what’s already bound to be a memorable night.

If you have any interest in checking out this concert, you can stream a few My Favorited Citizen songs on Purevolume, and By Surprise on Bandcamp.  They’re well worth the time, as the show will be.