New Politicians: Remission

newpoliticiansIf a finished album is a musical statement, then New Politicians have announced their platform with their new EP, Remission. Lead vocalist Renal Anthony delivers brooding, late-eighties vocals on top of tightly orchestrated instruments to create a notably sincere sound, instantly reminiscent of popular indie-rock bands like Bloc Party, The Killers, and The Bravery. And since these are bands that have been featured in some of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games, it’s not a stretch to suggest that the opening track, “Revelator,” could easily have been included on one of the popular franchise’s soundtracks.

“Been in the Wars” is an obvious stand-out on this record – it’s catchy, fast-paced, and lyrically interesting. “Love is a war we wage/ Filled with the words we hate/ Promises not the same/ Even though she’s miles away,” Anthony sings during the chorus. “Remission” also separates itself with a swooning chord progression that bounces effortlessly past the beat, pulling the listener’s head into a series of syncopated bobs. The song is biting, and the instruments are well put together. Though not a full-length album, the tracks do begin to drag a bit due to some repetitive guitar riffs. An example of this appears in “Cut a Hole,” which is fortunately saved by a full and carefully crafted chorus. But overall, New Politicians display great range on Remission. Listeners will find a refreshing mix of  musical backgrounds that don’t conform to any specific genre.


This review first appeared in Issue 05