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Nightsounds | Nightsounds

We all enjoy the reminders of video games we used to play as children, and Nightsounds‘ eponymous five-song EP is just that. Offering the kind of music you’d expect to hear in a cheesy Capcom game, yet throwing in some distinctly adult elements, the group creates an unusual sound atmosphere. They cast a lot of different threads that head in a whole lot of directions, but they all come together for something startlingly cohesive. The first song, “Nightsounds,” is the best example of this controlled confusion. The track sports some ‘80s-inspired synth, but it is twisted into a spacey discordance that’s all out of sorts, leaving the listener tripping through the rhythms with no sure melody to grab onto. A lot of noises will pull your ear in different directions, and they shouldn’t work together – but when lined up, they somehow build a complete atmosphere. In a logical world, this EP would not receive a positive review, with such random pieces thrown together. Yet Nightsounds have found the cheat codes for this genre, balancing a sound that teeters on the edge of falling apart – but never does.

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