Ola Madrid: Distance is Decay

Ola Madrid | Distance Is Decay

Ola Madrid | Distance Is DecayOla Madrid’s Distance Is Decay doesn’t try to do too much, and in doing so, it does an awful lot. The self-labeled post progressive indie rock four-piece have put out a cohesive five-track album full of deliberate movement and fettered hostility. Unfortunately, none of the tracks stand out to immediately hook listeners, but what the record lacks on an individual basis, it makes up for as a whole. You won’t be running for a second listen of any song in particular, but you will make a light jog back for all of them at once, because Distance Is Decay features a well-crafted sound that remains consistent throughout every song — sound that is at times vaguely reminiscent of As Cities Burn’s more aggressive days, especially when the rough vocals are spread out over warm, distorted chords. Elsewhere, during the more instrumentally driven spans of the album, you’ll be reminded of The Mars Volta’s soaring guitar leads. Is this a perfect album? Not by any stretch. But there is enough value and ingenuity in each song to make it well worth your time.

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