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March - Issue One

The First IssueThe first issue of Lamplighter Magazine is absolutely ready to be printed! It’s literally bursting at it’s digital seams. HOWEVER (it’s a big however), we alone cannot afford the printing of the magazine, and it seems advertising is not at its peak this season (more on that later). So, in order to send this ready-and-waiting beast off to be printed and stapled, we need the support of our community. We’ve started a campaign on IndieGoGo where you, our valued group of readers and supports, can give us a hand. We’ve set up an extensive set of perks for anyone who can contribute to our cause monetarily, so take a chance to browse through what we have to offer!

If you don’t already know, we, the staff of Lamplighter Magazine, are a group of plucky graduates from William Paterson University (mostly), who have undertaken this project, believing in its value though it stands in the face of a down and difficult economic time. Starting out as simply this website, we are expanding our operation into a quarterly publication.

This first issue carries great value to us because, unlike simply running the website, the print magazine will give people something to carry. Being able to put pictures and articles, the words of local writers, and interesting stories into your hands is the most direct experience in which we can engage the community outside of bringing you to an art gallery or a poetry reading.

With your contribution, you will allow us to have this experience a thousand times! Your support will provide us with the funding to print 1000 copies of the first issue. This support, however, will extend itself into further issues as we begin to seek out advertisers, who want to know the community believes in our endeavor.

Our Goal & Your Rewards

Our goal is simply to print exactly 1000 copies of the magazine. But the task of printing a magazine is no small item on the daily to-do list! As for this issue, including the perk rewards for the campaign, we need to pay for:

  • Printing the magazine
  • Shipping it to our headquarters
  • Mailing issues out to the happy people of NJ (and beyond!)
  • Mix CDs (it’s a perk!)
  • Taxes & fees & etc.

Realistically, the $2000 goal only just about covers the cost of printing. We cannot pay our writers. We cannot pay our photographers or our designers. It doesn’t pay for flyers or promotion needs. It doesn’t cover the cost of our website. We aren’t even throwing a pizza party. All of this is a passionate “goodness-of-our-hearts” work for the community. If we were to pay everyone fairly, we’ve estimated the true value of our work to be way more than $5000! But that is for another time, which can only happen with your help now!

Because you are so generous to contribute to our cause, we have a nice set of rewards depending on your donation level.

What We’ll Achieve

We are not your stereotyped, lazy twenty-somethings! In the short time that our website was focal point of this project we:

Developed a strong following of regular readers
Established a positive name and brand that has content contacting us
Set a high standard for both quality writing and easily accessible content

None of that will be changing with the magazine! And, being more than just passive observers and journalists, we are members of the communities we discuss, hosting events and participating in them. From organizing music performances to reading poetry at open-mic nights, we feed the creative community as much as we write about it! In turn, we’ve seen this forge strong relationships between people and create a more meaningful life as both writers and artists.

As a contributor, by supporting our project, you are allowing us to put the community back in the people’s hands. No longer just a website or a passing press clip online, Lamplighter can now be passed from person to person, helping the most vital aspects of the community grow.

How To Help Us!

Regardless of whether or not you can contribute to our cause monetarily, you can always support us in other ways by spreading the word! Forward this campaign page to your friends and family. Post our project on Facebook and tell people why you think its important, or tweet about us. Anything to help build the discussion and have people notice our mission!

You can always like us on Facebook by going to http://Facebook.com/LamplighterNJ

or tweet with us by going to http://Twitter.com/LamplighterNJ

Of course, if you have a lot to say, send us an e-mail: info@LamplighterNJ.com

And don’t forget to visit the IndieGoGo page: http://Indiegogo.com/LamplighterNJ

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