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    The Return of Adam Streicher

    After a hiatus of over two years, Adam Streicher, former Molotov Cocktails leader, is back, with a whole new band! And they started things up right with a Thursday night show at Maxwell’s. Nothing less than a triumphant return, Streicher brought a crowd who carried as much drive and enthusiasm as him.

  • Sara Album Cover

    The Band with the Magic Touch

    Everyone knows that the New Jersey music scene is filled with awesome musicians from Hoboken to Asbury Park, and every city and town in between. However, there seems to be a concentration of bands and artists rocking around the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick. Rutgers students are always looking for a good ear massage and Sara is one of the many artists that has the magic touch and some really good lavender-scented body oils to get the job done.

  • Filth Requisite

    DJ Collective Keeping New Jersey Filthy

    Dubstep and drum’n’bass fans, we introduce to you Filth Requisite. What, you ask, is Filth Requisite? A company created to bring the NJ Underground community the music – and parties – they’ve been asking for. But the real question: who is Filth Requisite? Filth Requisite is Jaymon, No Request, Jumpshot, Hardline, Dekim, Ciphe, and Kilometriko. Together, they produce, remix, and deliver some of the most original and unique dubstep in New Jersey. Filth Requisite (Filth Req for short) has been involved in warehouse parties, raves, and dubstep nights at local spots for over the past ten years, whether individually or collectively.

  • Carriage House

    Navigating the New Jersey Poetry Scene

    Poetry in NJ can be hard to find, and if you’re truly seeking to become involved, it takes some creative investigating.

  • Boonton

    Old Town, New Attitude: Boonton Satisfies Art Lovers

    Usually, when I get the familiar itch to satisfy my artistic cravings on any given day, my habit has been to turn toward New York City to find galleries and new artists to check out. I might get lucky somewhere in Morristown or Montclair, but in general, North Jersey hasn’t had a history or offering much in the way of fine art (while we haven’t been devoid of places like this, it does takes some digging). Recently, however, I’ve noticed a bit of a resurgence in the arts and culture scene in Morris County.

  • Meet/Pause

    The New Kids Make Varsity with Cluster Cascade EP

    Meet/Pause is a band that has just celebrated its first birthday as a band since its inception in the Summer of 2010. In hypothetical grade-school terms, they are still the new kids on the playground getting beat up for lunch money. However, these new kids have already scored some pretty high marks. With a mass of critical and fan praise, making feet move at Brick City Sound Riot last September, induction into the Tiny Giant Artist Collective (the scene’s answer to the high school football team), and an excellent EP release with their “Cluster Cascade” EP, these guys are proving that rookies know how to shred just as well as varsity.

  • WSP 2

    Washington Square Park Uplifts the Underground

    As much as it pains me to admit it, this article marks my reintroduction to the underground Jersey scene. I have been completely out of touch with what’s been going on locally, and I’m really kicking myself for that fact right now. Last Wednesday was my first time visiting The Meatlocker in Montclair, as well as my first time seeing what is possibly one of New Jersey’s best-kept secrets, Washington Square Park, play live.

  • Horse Feast - DIY Zine

    A Classic Zine for the Punk Scene

    If you’re looking for some serious, biased political literature, Horse Feast is not for you. First printed in June 2011 by Max Rauch and Keith Williams of Washington Square Park, with their partner-in-crime Justin Morvan, Horse Feast is a, “collaborative effort of artists, writers and idiot savants.”

  • Vox Poetica - by Gianluca D'Elia

    Carrying the Voices of N.J. Poetry

    Poetry has become somewhat lost as a commonly practiced art. A poet is just a musician without a tune these days, and most well-known poets are locked up in the ivory towers of higher education. But like Norman Rosen, who put aside his lawyer hat to pick up a paintbrush, Annmarie Lockhart, editor-in-chief of Vox Poetica, has put aside her medical writer hat to pick up her pen. The website she manages has become a showcase for poetic practice both in and out of N.J., and acts as a wellspring to both whet the palate, and wet the feet.

  • Parrot - Norman Rosen

    Right-Brained Lawyer Brings Art to Starbucks

    Most people visit Starbucks to order their customized form of caffeine, then proceed to engage in conversation, complete a novel or homework assignment, and simply relax. Norman Rosen has given the Englewood Starbucks on East Palisade Ave yet another form of attraction for the whole month of October. The Englewood Starbucks features a fifteen piece art collection by Rosen, called Right Brained Art by a Left Brained Lawyer that will last until October 31st, 2011.

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