• Boy Things - Boy Things

    Forget Genre: It Has No Place For Boy Things

    Presque vu is French for “almost seen,” a phrase that describes the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon where a person is unable to recall some … what’s the word? Exactly. After listening to the newly released self-titled EP from Boy Things, a band barely ten shows into their career, most can reasonably be left feeling they aren’t sure how to describe the band. Even the band’s drummer, Eric Dryburgh, considers the band to be “some sort of indie pop punk.”

  • John Trigonis

    Jersey City Filmmaker Tickled Cerise

    John Trigonis, a poet, writer, professor and filmmaker from Jersey City answers questions about his latest movie Cerise, and his upcoming project Mating Dome.

  • Jason Vochal - Hardcore Spoken Word

    Poetry Gets Brutal at Hardcore Spoken Word

    Cobblestone Village at Mountain Creek was revamped at the beginning of this summer to offer an assortment of cool new events, the most recent being a Hardcore Spoken Word show on Oct. 7th put together by Jason Vochal, a writer and performer from Vernon, N.J. This is the second show that Jason has planned at this venue featuring ‘spoken word,’ and both have been pretty successful, considering that this place is pretty far out of the way for a really specific scene and limited space.

  • Matt Hand - Right Hand Photography

    Through the Eye of a Hand

    Matt Hand is the eye behind Right Hand Photography, a hobbyist business that he approaches with an organic, earth-friendly mindset. Do not be fooled into thinking he’s only photographing his adorable children! Matt is very aware of his art and takes composition into consideration. His images exude an intense representation of life through strongly contrasting textures, vivid color, and a lot of shadow-play. Whether it’s his wife Jessica holding their infant son or a thick length of vine creeping across the floor of an abandoned greenhouse, his photographs are beautifully uncanny.

  • Adam Bird - Those Mockingbirds

    To Deconstruct a Mockingbird

    A conversation with Those Mockingbirds’ lead singer Adam Bird on his history in the NJ scene, where things are going, and how he fits into the local puzzle.

  • College Radio Day

    College Radio Day Calls to Occupy the Airwaves

    William Paterson University’s WPSC-FM has done a lot of work in the last few years, relaunching themselves as Brave New …

  • Christ Schiavo - The Shep

    Poetry, Beer, and the Duality of Man

    Open the door and walk into The Shepherd and the Knucklehead in Haledon, N.J., and you’ll usually find a cramped, dimly lit collection of people chatting and nursing one of the several craft beers available on tap. You’ll have a little difficulty navigating your way to the bar, despite its proximity to the door – it’s a pretty small space – and it might be hard to read the white board that lists the night’s microbrews, especially when you’re being jostled by all the other bar-goers due to the limited room available (which should soon change with the bar’s anticipated expansion).

    On this particular Sunday evening, however, walking in is unusually easy, since everyone has taken a seat and turned their attention to the one microphone and speaker set up by the bookcase full of board games and cards.

  • UI - Collab-Gallery U

    Collaborative Art Hidden Behind Bloomfield Ave

    Montclair’s Gallery U, tucked away behind Bloomfield Ave is home to a collaborative and therapeutic art space.

  • Any Time Today!

    Any Time Today! Nostalgic Sound for the New Scene

    Any Time Today! is a female-fronted pop-punk band from Lodi, Bergen County. This past February, the band released their first full-length self-titled album featuring Kasey Viso on vocals, Pat Viso and Anthony Allegretta on guitar, Chris Viso on drums, and Jay Kshatriya on bass. Anthony gave Lamplighter some insight into the band, their release, and the recording process.

  • Ninety-Six: Dogs of the Day

    Booster Pack: New Noise

    There seems to typically be a dry spell of music in the fall, with bands putting out their new tracks before the summer to hype themselves for tour. However, a lot of free local music is circulating online right now, with more being released every week.

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