Roy Orbitron: Jeffrey Lynne

royorbitronThe Trenton natives in Roy Orbitron released their latest LP, Jeffrey Lynne, back in May, and it is an ambitious effort by the lo-fi rockers. As far as trying to classify this LP under one systematic genre, I wish you all the luck in the world, because while it might be easy to call it a rock and roll album, that just wouldn’t do it justice. The seven-song album is a whirlwind of all the emotions that Roy Orbitron frontman and guitar- ist Conor Meara had been dying to write about.

The band seamlessly blends Meara’s guttural, crooning vocals which are reminiscent of The National with dynamic song struc- tures and unique instrumentation, including harpsichord, fiddle, and organ, to formulate a one-of-a-kind rock and roll experience. The opening track, “Rain Jawn,” begins with mammoth-sounding low tom hits that flow into a dark and minor soundscape, swirling with lost love and regret. However, this isn’t the overarching theme of the album’s sound – Jeffrey Lynne incorporates everything from dropout love songs like “Fuck School” to Lou Reed-meets-Springsteen anthems like “Must See TV.”

Although the album does meet in several spots from track to track, it’s a beautiful blend of speedy punk, rock and roll, and lonely railroad songs. Roy Orbitron’s Jeffrey Lynne is well deserving of the modern rock community’s ears, and seems to have primed the sextet for a push toward bigger and better things.


This review first appeared in Issue Four

  1. Roy OrbitronRoy Orbitron04-14-2016

    thanks for listening. don’t forget the follow-ups, 2015’s Elston Allen Gunnn and Dead Man EPs and 2016’s full-length Girls’ Boyfriends!