Secret Country: 7 Days a Week

Secret Country - 7 Days a Week | Album Cover

7 Days a Week shows a band in complete comfort with their unique style of alt-country — an unpretentious, honest perspective of the genre.  With back-up harmonies, Southern-twang vocals, and a rhythmic shuffle, with hints of a rustic sense, Secret Country, the Kearny-based band, entertains with two songs focusing on self-indulgent satisfaction.  The high-energy title track is the stronger of the two, opening with raucous guitars and moving into a catchy chorus: “I ain’t goin’ nowhere/ ‘cause I’m drinking seven days a week.” No doubt, it is a song everyone would love to hear blaring from their favorite seedy bar.  In keeping with their brand of excessive hedonism, “Deep-Fried Delight” features lyrics about fried chicken and sex: “She’s my deep-fried delight / She’s so bad, but it feels so right,” a fun-loving combination that creates a not-so-subtle metaphor. Complete with intertwining fiddle and distorted guitar leads, this well-produced 7” is a foot-stomping, sing-along, animated listen. With the focus on carefree debauchery, 7 Days a Week shows Secret Country’s ability to make the listener want more of the band’s odd blend of humor and energy and, perhaps, to make them join in on the fun.