Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror

2015 Artist Writer Mashup | Lamplighter

Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup

Lamplighter’s 2015 Artist Writer Mashup is featuring the illustrations of New Jersey artist Lauren Clark. Each participating writer is paired with an illustration. Throughout the project, writers are given a series of prompts, contemplations, and questions. Each participating writer is to compose some work of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry inspired by the illustration. Here is today’s prompt:

Consider that the way we interpret art is highly personal. Other than interacting with others in the project, our assumptions about the illustrations are mostly unprompted, or are at least driven by our own values and opinions. This leads us to realize our interpretation of the art is highly reflective of our own self, even if it’s distorted and not clearly recognizable.

  • What are your feelings about the illustration? What drives these feelings?
  • Can you see yourself in the illustration?
  • Do you find yourself in your writing too?
  • Try injecting yourself into your writing and amplify the aspects of you that already exist in it.

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Lauren Clark graduated from William Paterson University, where she studied various forms of art, and where she started taking Illustration more seriously. Lauren likes to play with imagination, something so many lose as we “grow up.” The series of Illustrations used for this project has been showcased at the Hoboken Arts Festival and on a month long display at a local wine bar. You can see some of Lauren’s work on

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    • Robin SinclairRobin Sinclair04-09-2015

      I enjoyed this post, particularly the last section where you discussed how an artist’s basis of how they perceive and express will remain, and how this relates to their work. While I think that there are artists who evolve to the point of being unrecognizable from their previous work, be it intentionally or through natural growth, I definitely appreciate and, in many, many ways, agree with what you’re saying.

      “Each artist is also a person who is either intrigued or haunted by certain aspects of humanity.”

      I can’t say enough how much I agree with this statement, and love how eloquently and purposefully you put it. Well said.

      Looking forward to your next post.


  1. Robin SinclairRobin Sinclair04-08-2015

    “Spilling the Ink” included in today’s blog post at:!Ink-Gratitude/csp1/552599800cf21933cd48ae21