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We wanted to make signing up for our charting system impossibly easy for NJ’s radio stations, so here is our impossibly-simply-signup-form! Please read the terms of submission on the left-hand side, fill out the form on the right, and we’re off! We’ll process your submission and contact you quickly as our web-portal gets a few finishing touches. Until that time, we’ll keep you updated everything happening behind the scenes.

Terms of Submission

By submitting your information Lamplighter’s charting system you:
1) Allow Lamplighter to contact you regularly; to distribute new music and / or press releases to your station as necessary; to keep a record of your submitted music data; to publish your submissions to our systems and results regarding data associated with your submission.

2) Allow Lamplighter Magazine to contact you about updates and changes to our charting system; to contact you in the event your data is incomplete; to not share music with you until your application to our system meets Lamplighter’s requirements (the form on the right and any additional information required in the future given notice).

3) Understand that music distributed by Lamplighter to your station is solely for the purpose of on-air play and fair-use productions; that Lamplighter does not condone the redistribution of music shared to stations; that Lamplighter will take action against pirating and will remove stations in violation of this rule from the system.

4) Understand that Lamplighter’s charting system, including the distribution of music, is a free service provided for the benefit of (a) the artists (b) radio stations in New Jersey exclusively (c) the community of listeners; that Lamplighter cannot pay for any music distributed; that Lamplighter will not be responsible for royalties owed to artists tracked by BMI or ASCAP or any other such service; that Lamplighter’s staff effort to provide this service is provided by non-profit volunteers.

5) Affirm that any data submitted to Lamplighter will be an honest composite of your best effort to collect the necessary information and any recognized instance of forged, faked, or boosted data will constitute your station’s removal from the system.

5) Are an active working member of an AM or FM radio station from the state of New Jersey with the right and permission to sign-up for Lamplighter’s charting system.

Not too painful, right?

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