• Dejagravy

    DejaGravy: Visitor

    DejaGravy’s latest release, Visitor, is a surprisingly cohesive album, despite being the musical embodiment of inner turmoil. The band’s experimental noise rock sound oozes doom and gloom in an ironically delightful manner. The album opens with “Carbuncle,” one of the more mind-bending songs on the …

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  • DSC8707

    Resistance Ministry

    Chelsea Palermo is a force in New Jersey’s community—literary and otherwise. In conversation with her, there was no escape from the many ways she had connected herself to others, no way to pin her down in a talk that focused solely on her writing as a poet.

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  • The Gray Company

    The Gray Company: Island Fortress, Island Home

    The Gray Company have an inviting and upbeat vibe, somewhere between the likes of Ava Luna and Pinegrove. Their debut EP, Island Fortress, Island Home, is the first proper release by the band, among bedroom demos and live recordings.

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  • DSC03537

    The Garden Statement

    Madison Ouellette is a senior at The College of New Jersey, working part-time at the WTSR 93.1 radio station. Her show, The Garden Statement, plays an eclectic mix of post-hardcore, indie, and emo bands. I talked to Madison about her life working with bands and breaking through the scene with up-and-coming new acts.

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  • Duo

    Duo: Growing Pains

    Following 2013’s Empathy, Growing Pains is the second complete release from young hip-hop artist Dillon Carmichael under the stagename Duo.

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