• April Darcy

    To Dredge Up Her Sparkling Wanderlust

    When she is not traveling the world, or dreaming of traveling, April Darcy is somewhere between Manhattan and her home in Jersey City. Currently a non-fiction MFA candidate at the Bennington Writing Seminars, April’s stories traverse the juxtaposition of her life at home, her life of world-wandering, and a deep interior life which she shares unabashedly. She splashes the environment of her writings with such subdued magic that, without a keen attention, one might not recognize that the veil she lifts off the world reveals not a mystical space, but one of striking, undeniable realism, all to further dredge up her sparkling wanderlust.

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  • A1015473305 10

    Their Planes Will Block Out the Sun: Brasil

    Their Planes Will Block Out the Sun’s latest release Brasil is aneclectic collection of tracks united under the singular theme: “What am I doing here, and what am I supposed to do with my life?”

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  • Self-Portrait | Brian Lorio

    La Vie Telle Qu’elle Est (Brian Lorio, Picture Poet of the City)

    What started as a New Years resolution has become an unruly passion. Brian Lorio pushes the “life as it is” aesthetic into his photography, capturing the culturally-rich city atmospheres of the Garden State, giving artistic credit and focus to the quickly snapped moments of life that our digital era processes and filters all too quickly.

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  • Jason Greendyk | The Apple Juice

    Jason Greendyk: The Apple Juice

    Jason Greendyk has written an elegant interpretation of rollerblading entitled The Apple Juice, reflective of the sport itself in its meandering lines that often converge into truths about identity and passion’s place within it.

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  • John Trigonis | Warehouse City Noir

    John Trigonis: Warehouse City Noir

    It‘s 1955. You’re sitting in a diner where the blinds allow stripes of light to enter the windows and illuminate fractions of your face. It’s probably raining out, and everything is in black and white. This is the mood that permeates John Trigonis’ latest chapbook, …

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