The Mongoloids: Mongo Life

Mongo LifeLast year The Mongoloids released their LP Mongo Life, an album jam-packed with guttural vocals true to the nature of New Jersey hardcore music. Since its release the veteran straight edge band entered an indefinite hiatus following their last show in August, so until further notice Mongo Life is the band’s final musical mark left on the hardcore scene.

The album opens with a light mixing of acoustic and electric guitars layered together on the track “Smoke Signals.”  Do not be fooled by the initial lightness—in a swift move the song transitions into the second track, “Live This Way,” which features heavy riffs and Greg’s attention-commanding vocals.  The harshness driving this song is a common thread throughout the album. It talks about dealing with unbearable pain and how the speaker is “supposed to live this way.”

Since its release the straight-edge band entered an indefinite hiatus … so until further notice Mongo Life is the band’s final musical mark left on the hardcore scene.Songs following this one take on similar musical and lyrical themes.  “Room to Grow,” the fifth track on the album, discusses being lost and unsure of what path to take. It maintains the same sound as the other songs on the album, but the message is more passionate this time around. When taking the time to carefully decipher the lyrics, listeners can hear the speaker’s inner battle to find himself.

Concluding the album is the final track, “Mongo Life,” which takes a different turn than the rest of the songs on the album.  It is a slow, acoustic number and the only track that does not feature a similar sound.  Overall, each song on the album is well-crafted despite some muddled progression.  At times some of the songs blend into the next one with no apparent differences between the tracks, but the album holds true to the genre.

The Mongoloids may no longer be making music and touring, but Mongo Life culminates everything the band was—a group of passionate musicians with a love for their craft.  Hardcore music continues to thrive in New Jersey’s music scene and listeners should take some time to check out an album from one of the bands who kept it alive.

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