The New

Welcome to the all new!

LogoWe here at Lamplighter are extremely excited about the new website because it not only marks an occasion where we’ll be able to deliver content in a better format than we ever have before, it also marks the starting point for new types of content and the beginning of new plans for Lamplighter as an organization. Throughout the month, we’ll be explaining in greater detail what you’ll be able to find. As a brief overview, here’s what we’ll be showcasing on the website from now on:

Feature Articles
We’ve always published features about NJ’s musicians, artists, and writers. Now with our new format, these feature articles will be more dynamic and (we think) eye-catching. You’ll see more images, fancy quotes, and side content that was only before available in the print magazine. Dive into our archive now and see what we mean as we’ve updated some of our older content to fit the new layout.

Music Reviews
Just like our feature articles, we’ve always published reviews of local music releases, giving you some insight into what we think of the scene’s work. However, we’ll soon be implementing a brand new rating system that will allow us to rate and rank albums in a standard way. Check out our latest review of Trees Above Mandalay and see that we’re now also embedding music players from the artists’ Bandcamp pages, giving you easy listening access to the music we’re reviewing.

What was once our Poetry section is now Literature, and we’re opening up that section to the full range of creative writing: poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. In time, we’ll release a call for submissions after which we’ll publish chosen submissions online at different intervals and in the next print issue of the magazine.

Our Columns page highlights all the op-ed content Lamplighter curates: Michael Mantovani’s rock & roll blog The Everyman Psychedelic, Lamplighter’s guest opinion essay State of the Scene, and exclusive episodes of NJ’s most insane podcast, Two Guys One Mic.

We LOVE our photographers! They’ve done amazing work for us, and we want to make sure they have a space to showcase that work online. Our Galleries page is where you’ll find photo sets from the staff of Lamplighter. Whether from a photo shoot we set up, an event we held, or just an event we attended, we’ll be posting regular collections to the Galleries page. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Media Round-ups’ in our news section, where we’ll discuss all of the new photo galleries and Videos we’ve posted to the website.

Along with our fantastic team of photographers, Lamplighter has acquired a number of videographers as well! Similar to our Galleries page, under Videos, we’ll be posting footage from our events and others, as well as interviews, features, and much, much more.

If you’re wondering where our Culture articles have gone, we can safely tell you they have not disappeared! While we are no longer looking to publish articles about the variety of interesting alt culture in NJ (as much as we really, really love it), we have to accept that our focus as an organization is truly artistic. All of our past culture articles can still be found by either searching our website or browsing through the Archives.

The Road Ahead
We will be posting many more in-depth details, statements from the staff, and a lot of new content as we move through September. You can stay updated by checking daily, following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook for regular notifications as we publish new material. Please let us know what you think of the new website by leaving a comment below or by sending us a message on our Contact Us page.

Thanks for visiting! And we hope you keep up with us throughout our transformation.

  1. Ryan CalorelRyan Calorel09-09-2013

    Yes, we all should be excited. I am looking forward to all of this.

    And no this isn’t just sucking up. Can’t you tell this is my sincere voice?

    • Patrick BoylePatrick Boyle09-11-2013

      You are a suck up. Don’t try and hide what we all know.