The Off White: Don’t Take Kindly

The_OffWhite.DonttakekindlyFrom Long Beach Island, NJ is The Off White, a garage band that is still trying to get out of their own garage. Judging by the classic, raw, and original sound of their latest album, that day may be coming soon. Self-described as “Garage/Psych/Punk” on their SoundCloud page, Don’t Take Kindly is a thirteen-track, Offspring-meets-Phish-sounding album displaying a great array of genres all rolled into one.

The album kicks off with “You Never Listen To Me,” a catchy opener with the angst all punk lovers have grown attached to. And if there’s one thing this album brings, it’s feeling and emotion. The passion that drives the music radiates in the fiery “Karma, Bitch!” and even in lighter, psychedelic jams like “Throwing Knives” and “Fear of Snakes.”

This April 7th release is supported by powerful vocals and all the youthful old-fashioned punk feelings of the 1980s. Here, classic punk topics such as scorned love and drug references are set to a younger musical face that is sure to play well with college students. Their gem? “The Itch”—it’ll make even the biggest Phish fan want to explore the punk genre.


This review first appeared in Issue 05