The Porchistas: The Baby Album

The Porchistas | The Baby Album

With their recent LP release The Baby Album, The Porchistas confidently allow us to enter their own alcove of weirdness. The hippy-punk group uses its strengths — forays into folk, quirky lyrics, and hard-earned experience — to create a unique auditory accomplishment. While much of the album heavily relies on distorted guitars, accentuating bass, and unrefined drums, such as the rocker “Tooty Tooty Ta,” the substance of the album can be found in the eccentricities. “Swing Little Girl” features a haunting toy piano and string combination; “Song for Harry” has only a simple acoustic guitar; and “Friends in the Underground” even has a horn section reminiscent of ‘90s ska. For the most part, Alan Smith’s and Adam ‘Devil-Hands’ Falzer’s raw vocals work well with their punk style, although sometimes the singing can become grating (“I Need More,” for example).

The lyrics also further Porchista’s idiosyncrasies. “Zombie Jesus” is perhaps the most clever song on the album, declaring Zombie Jesus “the original gangster zombie” in a sort of B-Movie campiness. Having dropped two previous albums, the band that asks us to come with them to “the land of the snakes and bees” already has the background to afford such an eclectic release. The Baby Album simply reiterates The Porchistas’ originality — their creepy, whimsical, freakish originality.