Three Ways to Wear Your Pride: Find Your Variable


XclothingTiffany Dube of Newton, creator of Xclothing, started her brand of clothing in August, 2011. Xclothing started in northern New Jersey, but it has quickly grown. It has a skate team in NYC, sponsored artists, and musicians across the country. The idea for the brand stemmed from Tiffany’s education in graphic arts and passion for expression in painting. For her, fashion is another means of expression. Tiffany was inspired by old black and white films; “ I used one of the main actresses from a 1920s silent film I had watched a week before for my design inspiration. I made the shirt from simple dyes, an old white shirt I found in my closet, and a handmade stencil out of paper.” When she wore it out to work, people stopped her to praise it, and she received several compliments from friends and strangers about her design. Tiffany then started selling her t-shirt designs in bulk and decided to start her own business.


Photo by Malik Beser

Although Xclothing is known throughout the country, Tiffany still appreciates the culture of her home state. “In my opinion, New Jersey has a very strong arts and music culture. I think Xclothing is a way of bringing together all of those things. Art, music – expression and lifestyle are a huge part of what Xclothing is.” Tiffany has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by people on her team who offer their endless support and effort into the business as well as the creative side of the brand.

The focus of Xclothing is to emphasize individuality. Tiffany says, “Anyone can take our unique shirt designs and make it their own. X stands for ‘the variable’ or ‘the unknown’.” One of Tiffany’s main goals with her clothing line is to support the arts and personal expression.

With her clothing line, Tiffany wants to show that people don’t have to be afraid to be who they want to be. She remembers, “Someone once told me that it’s our imperfections that make us who we are, that without our flaws, we would all be the same.”

Tiffany wants to make sure that she creates something everyone can be a part of instead of just being a clothing company. She considers her brand to be part of a community that helps and supports people doing what they love, and it’s her personal goal to contribute as much as she can to that community with her clothing line. Judging by her reception and success in NJ culture, she’s had no problem finding her own way to do that.

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