Trees Above Mandalay: Growing Pains


Trees Above Mandalay

Trees Above Mandalay’s Growing Pains is an anthemic six-song EP that personifies “growing up” as an actual person carrying all of the inevitable burdens of adolescence. Following in the footsteps of other pop-rock bands, the EP sounds like Fall Out Boy taking a darker stab at Take This to Your Grave. The opening riffs in “Everything I Wish I Didn’t Know” immediately set an urgent, foreboding tone for the rest of the record. “I’m Leading, You’re Biting,” the album’s single, stands out with the bridge: “You’re a coward, a sheep, a weak link/Jumping ship on things you once believed in/You can’t be worth the respect that you’ve stolen from me.” The album is filled with subtle harmonies and lyrics like these, speaking to the adolescent struggle in all of us.

After touring the east coast and midwest for the past seven years, Trees is calling it quits and leaving fans with the Growing Pains EP as a parting gift. Though the exit of the band may be upsetting for some, this EP is arguably a perfect outro as they part ways with the music scene. The aggressive pop-rock sounds may not be for everyone, but the honest lyrics about growing older are something that everyone can relate to.