Update: On The Campaign Trail


Friends! Family! Supporters of all kinds! We’re moving into the fourth day of our campaign, which I can only say has been an unprecedented success up to this point, and we still have thirteen days left before our mission is complete and closed. However, in just three short days, we’ve managed to raise xxxx – over 50% of our goal. This is a marvelous feat, and we’re almost not sure how to handle it (at least I wasn’t, as per my tweets this morning).

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Writing honestly, the sheer number of $100 donations is astounding and certainly unanticipated. This is not to exclude other donors! In fact, we have a significant list of people and organizations who are supporting our publication at various levels that we’d like to thank here:

And beyond that, we thank every individual sponsor we’ve not yet named or that has asked to remain anonymous.

We are delighted, but know that we’re not yet through, and have many more updates in store for the next two weeks. Be prepared for messages from Nadia, Dhruvin, and Megan, as well as a few messages from people outside of the Lamplighter Magazine staff. We’re also going to start with a new incentive:

If we can reach $1600 by Friday, March 9th, we will release a sample of the upcoming magazine, including the complete interview with Eric Sieglen and Mike Wuchter of Marionette.

There are plenty of ways to help us get to this point outside of donating! Visit our campaign page and you’llĀ find a variety of sharing tools to help spread the word. We’ll also be using the Twitter hashtags #Lamplighter #Art #Music #Culture #Poetry #NJ and #indiegogo, so if you’re going to tweet for us, try to utilize those and don’t forget to tweet to @LamplighterNJ!

Thank you for everything so far and everything that’s left to come! We truly cannot wait to give you this magazine.

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