Voltaicore: Lover’s Digest 1993 EP

voltaicoreOne word you can’t use to describe Voltaicore’s Lover’s Digest 1993 EP: conventional. Voltaicore, the solo electronic project of West Milford resident Keith Barthold, experiments with blending elements from standard music genres to create a new sound that takes the listener on a transient and trippy journey.

The opening track,“Sieward Bound,” kicks off the journey with a slow, ambient synth build-up, layered with muffled dialogue. This transitions into “Cassienova,” a fully instrumental track with an 8-bit sound set to a simple drumbeat. While this song could stand to have more depth, especially when compared to the weight of a few others on the album, it’s still catchy in its own right. “Downtown Tabby,” the third track, is an eclectic mesh of more 8-bit sounds and haunting, off-key vocals that slowly become distorted as the song continues. “Jessican’t,” the final song, is about as conventional as the EP gets. It draws from the popular dubstep sound, and Barthold uses it to accentuate the rest of the album’s mystery.

Although this EP does contain elements of contemporary genres, Lover’s Digest 1993 manages to blend these ingredients for its own sound. Creating unique music within the electronic genre is not an easy feat, but Barthold has done just that.


This review first appeared in Issue Four

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