Why I Am Not An Artist

2015 Artist Writer Mashup | Lamplighter

Why I Am Not An Artist | 2015 Artist Writer Mashup

Lamplighter’s 2015 Artist Writer Mashup is featuring the illustrations of New Jersey artist Lauren Clark. Each participating writer is paired with an illustration. Throughout the project, writers are given a series of prompts, contemplations, and questions. Each participating writer is to compose some work of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry inspired by the illustration. Here is today’s prompt:

Today is your first day with your illustration, your muse for the next month. But…you’re not the artist. No, you’re a writer! Take today to imagine that you’re getting to know the artist through the illustration:

  • What is the illustration’s composition?
  • How is it shaded and colored?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • What do you think you can learn about the artist through these choice?
  • What do you recognize about yourself as not being the artist?

Remember to blog and share your post in the comments below!

Lauren Clark graduated from William Paterson University, where she studied various forms of art, and where she started taking Illustration more seriously. Lauren likes to play with imagination, something so many lose as we “grow up.” The series of Illustrations used for this project has been showcased at the Hoboken Arts Festival and on a month long display at a local wine bar. You can see some of Lauren’s work on Etsy.com

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  1. Andrea Janelle DickensAndrea Janelle Dickens04-01-2015
    • Kara SwisherKara Swisher04-03-2015

      your blog is set to private. fellow AWM participant here! send a request to access it. user name is pinebarrenbeauty. would love to be able to follow along. thanks. =)

  2. Reagan FahyReagan Fahy04-01-2015

    “Why I am not an artist” response posted here: https://abandonedcaravan.wordpress.com/

  3. Bud SmithBud Smith04-01-2015

    “Why I am not an Artist” response posted here.

  4. Sylvia WoodsSylvia Woods04-01-2015

    “Why I am Not an Artist” response posted here: grammargirdle.wordpress.com

  5. Robin SinclairRobin Sinclair04-02-2015

    New blog post with new poem, “She Was An Artist,” now up at http://www.robinsinclairbooks.com/#!She-Was-Art/csp1/551cc2b10cf215f35a340a52


  6. Victoria KalossVictoria Kaloss04-02-2015

    Here’s my stab at the first question-

    Pencil, wrapped lead in painted yellow wood, erasers grant permission to cast away flaws, but the etchings forever scar paper. Pencils, spiky points with their break under pressure tendencies require sharp edges, require metal blades spinning, grinding, molding, chewing and chipping brightness, expose natural nature, wood, soft or hard, light or dark and lead, carbon elemental the creative center a wise gray sheen.

  7. Chelsea PalermoChelsea Palermo04-03-2015

    Hey Lamplighter Magazine and AWM participants! Here is my reflection on the Laura Clark’s piece! I’m already drawn in, and interested to see what writing will come from the image.



  8. Maribeth TherouxMaribeth Theroux04-03-2015

    Hello everyone! Glad to be participating! Looking forward to following everyone’s experience this month, too!